Saivite Virtue



image Introduction

image Chapter One: Brahmachariya

Lesson 1: Transmutation: Energy Transformed

Lesson 2: Learn While You Sleep

Lesson 3: The Guru-Sishiya Relationship

Lesson 4: Making a Personal Vow

Lesson 5: A Brahmachariya Vrata

Lesson 6: Lord Ganesha Welcomes You!

Lesson 7: Set Positive Goals for Your Life

Personal Challenges for Chapter One

image Chapter Two: Will and Wisdom

Lesson 8: Prepare for a Rewarding Life Ahead

Lesson 9: A Creed for Saivite Hindus

Lesson 10: These Are the Beliefs of Your Soul

Lesson 11: You Are On the Sadhana Marga

Lesson 12: Life Is a Classroom of Experience

Lesson 13: The Yamas and Niyamas, Introduction

Lesson 14: The Yamas and Niyamas

Personal Challenges for Chapter Two

image Chapter Three: Virtue

Lesson 15: The Pancha Nitya Karmas

Lesson 16: The Importance of Virtue

Lesson 17: Control Your Dreams and Fantasies

Lesson 18: Be Pure in Thought, Word and Deed

Lesson 19: Guide and Protect Your Awareness

Lesson 20: Explain the Life Force to Your Children

Lesson 21: Nourishing the Chakras

Personal Challenges for Chapter Three

image Chapter Four: Energy, Life, Procreation

Lesson 22: Pranayama: Harnessing Life Force

Lesson 23: Mental Maintenance

Lesson 24: Choosing Your Path in Life

Lesson 25: Arranging a Happy Marriage

Lesson 26: Secrets of Life and Procreation

Lesson 27: The Metaphysics of Brahmachariya

Lesson 28: Energy is Harnessed in a Sanctified Marriage

Personal Challenges for Chapter Four

image Chapter Five: Psychic Ties

Lesson 29: Channels of Thought and Feeling

Lesson 30: Align Yourself With the Inner Worlds

Lesson 31: The Sacred Fluids of Procreation

Lesson 32: Walk Away From Temptation

Lesson 33: Be True to Your Higher Self

Lesson 34: A Transmutation Technique

Lesson 35: The Kundalini Force

Personal Challenges for Chapter Five

image Chapter Six: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Lesson 36: Hinduism: The Way of Gentleness

Lesson 37: We Are Not Carnivores

Lesson 38: Be Healthy, Be a Vegetarian

Lesson 39: Purity of Food

Lesson 40: Coping With Peer Pressure

Lesson 41: Your Mind is Your Own

Lesson 42: Hatha Yoga

Personal Challenges for Chapter Six

image Chapter Seven: The World Within Your Mind

Lesson 43: The Moonlight Screen of Consciousness

Lesson 44: Entanglements in the First World

Lesson 45: The Price of Carelessness

Lesson 46: Just Before Sleep Each Night

Lesson 47: From Darkness Into Light

Lesson 48: Dispel the Shadows With Light

Lesson 49: Be Equal to Whatever You Meet!

Personal Challenges for Chapter Seven

image Glossary