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Raurava Agama Vidya Pada English

Knowledge section

Raurava Agama Vidya Pada or knowledge section translated to English by Dr. S.P. Sabharathnam Sivacharyar. Subjects include Siva tattvas, transmission of scriptures, metaphysical path, mudras, breathing, yoga, initiation, instructions to the dying sadhaka and meaning of vyoma vyapi mantra.

  • Raurava Agama, Vidya Pada: 109 pages
  • 1 Introductory Chapter
  • 2 The Scheme of S'iva Tattvas
  • 3 The Transmission of Scriptures
  • 4 The Features of Metaphysical Path (adhva)
  • 5 Directions for Holding the Palms and Fingers inDifferent Positions
  • 6 Directions for Doing the Nya'sa of S'ivakala' Mantras
  • 7 Directions for the yoga-practice of Dha'ran.a'
  • 8 Significance of Various Kinds of Initiation
  • 9 Departure and Absorption of the Soul
  • 10 Detailed Exposition of the Significant Meaning of Vyoma Vya'pi Mantra