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2001, 75th Jayanthi Talk, Part 1

Gurudeva's Last Birthday on a physical body - and a magic mantra he gives us.

Unedited Transcript:

Vanakkam, Vanakkam, Vanakkam! Aloha from the beautiful garden island of Kauai, the divine retreat for all the Jaffna Tamil people throughout the world. When you want to come to worship Siva, to worship Lord Ganesha and to worship Lord Murugan, come to Kauai Aadheenam. We will talk, we will understand each other, bless each other and proceed into a positive future.

There is a wonderful mantra in English. All my Tamil devotees understand English or at least a little bit of English. It is six words, came from Lord Muruga and they are in English. But, our Natyam Thondunathan put them into the beautiful Tamil language. We are to say this mantra mentally not verbally. You can say it to yourself verbally. But it is a mental mantra.

Would you like to know what it is? Before I tell you the six magical words, I want to mention a few things about Lord Murugan. He is so strong on the planet Earth. He is working day and night for the peace and happiness of the next generation of the beautiful Tamil people, worldwide.

This is a very auspicious day for Gurudeva, 75th Jayanthi, January 5th the year 2001. A very auspicious day. I am feeling stronger day by day, after having gone through a great kavadi, of great pain for over thirty-one days.

There are Tamilians on the beautiful garden island of Mauritius, who often sleep on a bed of nails for three nights and three days. Our Tamilian devotees in Malaysia, Canada, Singapore and Sri Lanka have spears and hooks in their back, to smooth out the karmas of the future.

We are born into this life, myself seventy-five years ago, counting the year within the womb of the mother that bore this physical body. We were born into this life, with certain karmas called prarabdha karma, that we must live through in this life. But we make new karmas on the way, sometimes unknowingly.

What are these karmas we create in this life? They are happenings in life, experiences in this life that contain emotion attached to the memory of the experience, that keeps vibrating within our internal subconscious, subjective mind. As we become older and the years go by, more of these memories - good, bad, happy, sad - with the emotions vibrating, causes us to think more of the past than the future.

So, we want to quiet the mind of the past, so that the future becomes big and long to us and we live a long, long time.