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You Are a Soul, the Light of Siva

A powerful affirmation of who we really are: the soul

Unedited Transcript:

You are a soul living in a body. You have various tools: an astral body, an intellectual body, an instinctive mind; energy that comes right from Siva every minute of every hour of every day. Your energy comes from Siva. The light within your mind originates in Siva and flows out through you and lights up your thoughts. So therefore, make the thought worthy of the light that lights up the thoughts.

It's an impartial light. You close your eyes and you visualize a flower or you visualize a horrid scene, the light is the same that lights up that visualization. So, the light is pure and that is your real self. That light is coming from your soul and Siva is sending it through your soul out into the external mind.

It is the external mind that we have to bear down on and control.

The internal mind, the superconscious mind, the intuitive mind is absolutely perfect; it sees clearly, everything. It doesn't criticize. It sees and appreciates things and people and qualities within people and what people are going through impartially and in proportion to who they are in their area of evolution on the planet.

Photo of  Gurudeva
This is the straight and certain path, the San Marga, leading to Self Realization--the inmost purpose of life--and subsequently to moksha, freedom from rebirth.