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Success from Life to Life

Today Gurudeva talks about the success that carries over from life to life, the control of yourself under all circumstances. He gives advice on how daily sadhana can help you achieve that kind of control.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, February 4th. The doors of Cyberspace Ashram are open.

Many people in our cyberspace congregation are wondering, "How do you become successful?"

Seems like success is what everybody wants in the world today more than anything else! There are various kinds of success, worldly success. But the success that really matters, the success that you can take into your next birth and the accumulated success that will follow you into the birth after that is the control of yourself under all circumstances. People who can't control themselves are not into spiritual unfoldment, they are into spiritual defoldment. They are going downhill faster than maybe they know. Because, our emotional releases in conflicts accumulate and in the sub-conscious mind, tie into one another and create something very, very different.

Every soul has the power to reverse the situation, to become a calm, happy, controlled person under all circumstances. How do you do that? Regular daily sadhana. Regular daily prayer. Regular daily ... just sitting in one place for twenty minutes without moving. No matter whether your thoughts are going here and there and everywhere. A little bit of control goes a long way and that accumulates within your psyche, within your sub-conscious mind.

The best way to perform this simple sadhana of sitting in one place for twenty minutes is at the same time every day. Same time every day, not different times, not whenever you feel like it. But the same time every day. Then you create a habit and that habit begins to become a good habit. It begins to grow.

Now there may be times when you do not want to perform this sadhana. These are the times when you need to control yourself, when you need to perform this sadhana. These are the auspicious times that will pay great dividends. Try it. Everybody in cyberspace in fifty-seven countries, try this one sadhana today, tomorrow, and the next day. We'll see you again tomorrow in Cyberspace Ashram.

Aum Namah Sivaya.