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Aggressive Action and the Law of Karma

Aggressive action and hurtfullness will not bring a new age or make solutions. Lord Siva is perfect in an imperfect world and He has given us the law of karma. Gurudeva tells us how actions return to us. Gurudeva then tells us about the Tirukural and gives us examples of the Weaver's Wisdom.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. December 7th.

It is 'Pearl Harbor Day', to remember the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. A very sad story. Even at Kauai Aadheenam itself, we have a meditation cave, that was not always a meditation cave. It was a bomb shelter, created after December 7th. Let us think about it. Aggressive action, causing harm to people, hurtfulness to people - no way is that going to bring a New Age. No way is that going to make solutions. It makes division and division is not a New Age.

Today, we are having a Publisher's Desk meeting, designing the next issue of 'Hinduism Today'. One important future issue, we are doing for the 'World Parliament of Religions' to be held in South Africa, Cape Town, amplifying all of their goodness and all of their efforts. We are bringing forward once again, "Truth is One, Paths are Many", an amplification of the beliefs, attitudes and practices of all the world religions and the many faiths.

We talked to Sri Sri Swami Bua Maharaj, the 'Hindu of the Year', the Hindu Renaissance Swami of the Year 1999. He is 109 years of age. In fact, during the conversation he said, "Oh yes, I knew the great Swami Nityananda of India. I knew him when he was a little boy". We talked to him in Brazil and he is on his way to Panama, then back to New York, and then to the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai, where he will be our guest of honor, as the Hindu Renaissance Swami of the Year, at Satguru Purnima in July.

Lord Siva is perfect even in an imperfect world. He has given us, as Supreme God, the tools to make a perfect world. He has given us the law of karma, the law of action. We send an action out and it returns, like a boomerang. If it is an action that we send out toward other people it returns through other people, back to us. If it's an action against animals, it returns through animals back against us. If it is an action of finance - good, bad, or indifferent - it returns back to us. We must be careful of our actions because they all come back. Every religion of the world explains the law of karma in their own terms. Even an American ad says, "What goes around, comes around". That is the law of karma.

Today, we begin the editing of the preface, introduction and conclusion of a book written 2,100 years ago. It's called 'Tirukural'. It is the sacred scripture of the South Indian Tamil people, sworn on in courts of law. 1080 verses, 108 chapters, written 2,100 years ago. We are calling it the 'Weaver's Wisdom', because a weaver observed life and toward the end of his life gave his observations out by scratching them down on olai leaves. We have pictures in the book of olai leaf copies that are two hundred years of age. We have endorsements in the book from former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, from the Father of Indian Freedom, Mahatma Gandhi, from leaders of all cultures and times, as well as prominent leaders in today's world. All believe that this book has a great value to humankind.

One verse says: "The whole purpose of maintaining a home and earning wealth is to provide hospitality to guests. If a man eats only after attending to guests' needs, what further sowing will his fertile fields require?" There are more, on all aspects of life. Political life - How to be a good monarch and rule a country well, how to handle the spies. How to intelligently know business ethics, how to gain wealth, how to keep wealth, how to run a home, how to just be a good person, a productive person. This book and this book alone made India the wealthiest country in the world at one time, long long ago.

Here is something on gratitude. "It is improper to ever forget a kindness, but good to forget at once, an injury received". Now that can change a person's life. Let me repeat again. "It is good to never forget a kindness, but to forget immediately an injury received". To forget, you have to forgive and forgiveness is a great power. Forgiveness is very difficult because we have to rationalize. The rational mind cannot forgive. It is the superconscious mind, the intuitive mind, the mind of God that can forgive, and forget. Again, back to the law of karma. What we get back through another, we put in motion toward another at a previous time, so that at a future time it can come back to us.

This is 'Today At Kauai Aadheenam'. Our cyberspace congregation is growing. It is growing in many many countries of the world. They are tuning in.

We'll be seeing you again tomorrow in cyberspace. We are very, very happy that you have tuned in to 'Today At Kauai Aadheenam', our beautiful ashram on 51 acres on the beautiful, serene and peaceful Garden Island of Kauai. Come to see us tomorrow!

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