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Hospitality and the Importance of People

Gurudeva continues his discussion of hospitality. The guest is God not an intruder. He tells us of the importance of people. Gurudeva discusses addiction and pornography and the consequences of living in the lower chakras. People are more important than paper and more important than computers.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, September 27. It is Sunday here and 'Vision Kauai', an island-wide vision group meets. We are a part of 'Vision Kauai 2020'. It is a little group that formed about a year and a half ago. At first we were meeting every month for a year and now, we are meeting every 2 months and we are looking into the future, a vision for the beautiful island of Kauai, of the next 20 years. Shall it be surf-and-sand? Shall it be sugarcane? Shall it be commerce? Shall it be a heartfelt, sustainable society? These are the questions before this group of community leaders and county leaders, who see far enough to find out from within themselves, listening to the superconscious mind, what to do for the next generation and the next one coming up.

We have prepared a 16-inch by 20-inch poster to share, of the Aloha spirit. There is one right now, in every schoolroom on the island of Kauai, over 600 schoolrooms. We have a vision-card for everyone. This is our gift to the community. A vision card, a small card that every resident of the island, over 50000, can write their vision of how they see this beautiful garden island progressing in the next 20 years. That is how we have got a wonderful event of an island vision gathering, when thousands of people will gather around October 11 and share what they need, what they have, and what they want, as a collective community of Kauains.

Sri. Chandrababu arrived today, from India. He is the Vice-President of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Kerala. He informed us that he has a beautiful award for Gurudeva, as the 'Voice of Hinduism This Century', as well as an ancient book of Ayurveda, written in grantha, that he wants us to have as a token of esteem from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, in Kerala to us and 'Hinduism Today' here on Kauai.

Today's message, you will appreciate. It is on 'Hospitality'. The guest is God, not an intruder. All Hindus have a heart to receive the guest as God. This is very important for us to remember because guests come and guests go. Often, guests come and never come back, because of subtle inflections in the voice. Because, they forgot to be served even a glass of water, which is traditional in Hindu culture. The guest is God, not an intruder. When someone steps up to you, drop your work. People are more important than paper People are more important than giving oneself to the computer. People are more important than anything else. People are the working-out of your karma.

Computers and other distractions, perhaps, are making new karma, especially if you are into pornography. Naughty, naughty. Especially if you are into pornography which is readily available right now on the internet and flowing through cyberspace. The internet has chakras from the bottom of the feet, way up to the top of the head. You can choose where you want to go and what realm in cyberspace or the astral plane that you want to be in. We advise people who are addicted to pornography, that each time they fulfill that driving force of their addiction, to eat only fruit, yogurt or milk for a 24-hour period, right after. That lets the instinctive body know that there are consequences. Pornography perhaps is an evil force. But, in the freedom of today's world, it is there.

You all have a choice, we all have a choice. We must use that power of choice, not only to benefit ourselves but benefit everyone around us. Let us conclude this about pornography and say that it is not fun for the whole family. It is not fun for the whole family. You do not leave the door open. I am sure there are little catches upon it. Or, if it is unlocked, you know just the key to push to blacken out your screen, if somebody comes in, especially your young son. So, you know it is wrong. You know that. Don't kid yourself. If you were to die watching pornography, according to the laws of karma and reincarnation, you would be born as one of those lustful women or men. You would. Because, our next life is determined by the desires of this life and our last thought upon the moment of death.

Well, back to a more cheerful subject. Put the computer to sleep and turn around to talk to a human being, who might share a little love. A computer is a loveless instrument. It does not return any love, though you might love to watch it. People now are getting kind-of tired of surfing the web, takes a lot of energy, takes a lot of time away from the family.

In our spiritual fellowship, we have a 'Monday evening at home'. All the family gets together. If the family is away, they call in and talk to one another on the speaker phone, share and trade energy. Try it. People are more important than paper. People are more important than computers. People are more important. Why? Because, the guest is God.

So, in cyberspace, I will be seeing you

in all our old familiar places

which is right here

at the computer

looking at you

It is the best we can do right now, when I am not travelling. We are exchanging love together, trading energies together through cyberspace, which is the astral plane, on a certain inner, miraculous level.

Aum Namasivaya, everyone! We'll get together again tomorrow. People are more important than paper.

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There is in much of the world the belief that life is a burden, a feeling of penitence, that it is good to suffer, good for the soul. In fact, spiritual life is not that way at all.