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The Lessons of Water

Bodhinatha talks about rain and water and their importance. We live by a river at the Aadheenam and it offers a lot: the mystical teaching of the soul's merger in Siva like a rain drop merging in the ocean. The river offers us the opportunity for Ganga Sadhana. A way to clear the blockages that impede the flow of consciousness. The river teaches us about the River of Life which Gurudeva talks about in Merging with Siva; it teaches us to let go attachments, flow with the river of life. Ask yourself, "Are we totally at peace and content?" If not, then perform Ganga Sadhana. Ask "How is our timing?" Are we attuned to life or out of synch with it? Get more energy flowing through you. Get rid of your attachments.

Unedited Transcript:

Title: The Lessons of Water

Category: The Spiritual Path

Duration: 24 min., 24 seconds

Date Given: December 24, 2001

Date Posted: December_27_2001

Given by: Bodhinatha