Visitors Guidelines

Guidelines for Entry to Kadavul Temple

Kindly don’t invite more people to join you who are not included in your reservation. You will see a rope at the doorway, which you can unhook to get inside. Sit together as a family.

  • When in the temple, stay on the red carpet; don’t walk up the white tiled steps toward the main shrines.
  • Monastery dress code is modest. No shorts above the knees, or short skirts or tank tops. There are sarongs provided at the main entrance which can be worn and returned when you leave.

Dress Code

Guests are encouraged to dress in traditional Hindu clothing when visiting. Alternatively, elegant clothing is permitted. No shorts, short dresses, tight-fitting yoga pants, t-shirts or tank tops. Polo shirts and long shorts that cover the knees are okay.

Some Other Important Guidelines

  • Video and photography of the inside of Kadavul Temple is not permitted. All other areas may be photographed.
  • We ask visitors to bring an umbrella as it rains often here.
  • It is always prudent, even in paradise, not to leave valuables in your car.
  • Please note, we do not provide meals at the monastery. You are welcome to use our local Kauai Dining Guide to help plan your meals while on pilgrimage.
  • For sizeable groups planning a visit, please email here to coordinate your visit.