Kadavul Temple Puja

Every day from 9am to noon there are two available time slots for guests to enter Kadavul Temple:
• 9am to 11am – registered guests may attend the day’s Śiva Puja.
• 11am to 12pm – registered guests may enter the temple for personal devotions and meditation.

Each time slot accommodates a total of 26 guests.

Upon booking, take note of your confirmation number.
If you don’t receive a booking confirmation email, please check your email’s spam folder.

PLEASE READ our guidelines for visitors before booking.

If you have a larger group or further questions, please contact: puja@hindu.org

NOTE: Only book one time slot. Either 9am or 11am.
If you book both, one of your bookings will be subject to deletion.

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ॐ नमः शिवाय