Iraivan Temple

Gazing across the valley of the Wailua River and its Nani Kaua Pond, you see the gold-leafed domes of Indian design shimmering in the sunlight, with majestic Mount Waialeale in the background. You are beholding the towers of Iraivan Temple, a pure and powerful white granite wonderment carved in India by hand and erected ten thousand miles away on this Garden Island by India’s master stonemasons.

Tens of thousands of pilgrims have stood in this same spot, marveling at the miracle before them. This is the crown jewel of Kauai’s Hindu Monastery, being constructed first and foremost as a destination for devotees on annual pilgrimage. Now is a highly auspicious time to be here, for the temple is actually being created in your presence. As you tread the garden paths leading to the temple, you may hear the steady “chip, chip, chip” of hammers and chisels in the hands of resident artisans from India, fitting one of the 3,000+ blocks of stone, erecting an edifice according to ancient Agamic mystical injunctions to connect the Divine and the material, the spirit and the body, Heaven and Earth. Stand in awe before this monument of sacred art and ancient architecture, designed to stand for ten centuries and more. Walk ’round the sanctum. Send blessings to your loved ones. Hindus revere a sanctified edifice like Iraivan not only as a temple, but as the very body of God. Iraivan is an ancient Tamil word for God, meaning “He who is worshiped.” This temple was inspired by a series of mystical visions of Siva that came to Gurudeva early in the morning of February 15, 1975, in which he saw Lord Siva seated on a large boulder that was later discovered on the then overgrown property. These visions inspired him to begin this exquisite temple, unlike any in the world. Since that day, pujas have been held daily at that swayambhu (self-created) Lingam (mark of God), which will one day be sheltered within an elegant open-air pavilion. More about Iraivan...

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