Siva in Moon Boat

During the 2008 Indian Odyssey Innersearch program, we stayed for five days in Kerala. We had just commissioned Kerala master muralist Suresh Mutthukulam to do nine canvases of Gurudeva's history-making visions of Siva, and we invited him to meet us at the hotel. he came with his wife and family, a four-foot-long tube under his arm. immediately, he opened it and unrolled a 4' by 6' canvas of a recently commissioned work. There it lay on the lobby floor, a most beautiful and creative depiction of our Siva. In it He creates the Ganges River from the top of his jata, and then magically grabs the moon to server as his boat and his trisula for an oar. Such a grace-filled visage. The swamis grabbed the Nikon and took a photo of the work which is here to enjoy and download.

Image of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
A clean personal environment, wearing clean clothes, bathing often, keeping the room spotless where you meditate, breathing clean air, letting fresh air pass through your house, is all very important in the fulfillment of purity.