The World is an Ashram

The Master Course - Bodhinatha's Insights

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami gives a presentation on a topic entitled "The World is an Ashram" which featured in the Apr/May/Jun 2006 Hinduism Today edition. Our Gurus proclaim that from a Hindu perspective the world is a training ground for the achievement of freedom and there is no evil. It is a place where we mature individually by going through earthly experiences and make spiritual progress. In order to unfold spiritually, we must strive to spiritualize our daily life by facing life challenges positively and finding opportunities to serve. Bodhinatha illustrates 6 ways we may face challenges positively and 6 ways we may serve with a view to making spiritual progress.


Photo of  Gurudeva
Gratitude and appreciation are the key virtues for a better life. They are the spell that is cast to dissolve hatred, hurt and sadness, the medicine which heals subjective states of mind, restoring self-respect, confidence and security.