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May 2016 Newsletter


At the beginning of April, Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami, Sannyasin Siddhanathaswami and I traveled to Portland, Oregon, for a week. The visit included a Wednesday night satsang at the Portland Balaji Temple and an outing and luncheon with member families. At the monastery, the first two weeks of April were Sadhu Paksha—the time when we quiet the monastery down a bit by not having group and family tours walking through the monastery. Our monthly Ardra puja to Siva Nataraja and Chitra puja to Gurudeva were held, with a few off island guests in attendance. The editing of my Publisher’s Desk entitled “Dance and the Spiritual Path” was completed for the July/August/September issue of Hinduism Today. It presents five ways in which the attitudes of mastering dance and progressing on the spiritual path are similar. The first one, for example, is the attitude toward strengths and weaknesses. A young woman becomes a better dancer not by focusing on her strengths but on her weaknesses.General contributions for April totaled $42,842, which is less than our minimum monthly goal of $65,000. Special project contributions totaled an additional $938. We are grateful to our global family of temple builders for your continued and generous support. Aum Namasivaya!

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gurudeva.jpg Gurudeva's Wisdom

An ancient Upanishad defines twenty obstacles, upasarga, to spiritual progress: hunger, thirst, laziness, passion, lust, fear, shame, anxiety, ­excitement, adversity, sorrow, despair, anger, arrogance, delusion, greed, stinginess, ambitiousness, death and birth. Another obstacle is the intellect, which, unguided by intuition, merely juggles memory and reason as a way of life. The experience of these impediments creates reactions that combine with the sum of all past impressions, samskaras, both positive and negative. Residing in the subconscious mind, these are the source of subliminal traits or tendencies, called vasanas, which shape our attitudes and motivations. The troublesome vasanas clouding the mind must be reconciled and released. There are beneficial tantras by which absolution can be attained for unhindered living, including ayurveda, jyotisha, daily sadhana, temple worship, selfless giving, the creative arts and the several yogas. The Vedas explain, “Even as a mirror covered with dust shines brightly when cleaned, so the embodied soul, seeing the truth of ­atman, realizes oneness, attains the goal of life and becomes free from sorrow.”

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News From the Home of Iraivan Temple

Recent Happenings


Inside the Maha Mandapam of Iraivan Temple, Yoginathaswami stands beside one of the forty granite pillars. This morning photo was captured by LakshmiGrace Phoenix.


Satguru, monks and pilgrims parade around Iraivan Temple after raising the flag to mark the start of a new season, Nartana Ritau, with an emphasis on planning

ann1.jpg ann2.jpg ann3.jpg ann4.jpg ann5.jpg ann6.jpg ann7.jpg Top to bottom: Clockwise from above: Saravananathaswami conducts a homa ceremony in Kadavul, an event that gets each lunar phase off to a strong start; Bodhinatha gazes across the Columbia River during his visit to Portland; Ranna and Rajni Jani, visiting from Fort Worth, Texas, with son Alap and his wife Shreya and grandson Anish who turned two while here; Satguru autographs books for visitors in the Mini Mela on a weekly tour day; the hula halau enjoy a visit to the temple after their dancing; Shun and Tilaka Sunder and family toured the Media Studio recently; 1,300 Koa saplings, properly planted on newly tilled soil and protected from wind and sun by blue plastic tubes.

Iraivan Temple Report
At the carving site in Bengaluru, India, good progress is being made on Iraivan Temple’s 148-meter-long perimeter wall. All of the stone carvers are focused on this job. Here on Kauai we continued to work on the massive landscaping project. Hundreds of special tissue culture plants were put into the ground, and dozens of black stepping stones were placed to create a hillside meditation path. Midway through April we received photos from Bobby Pages’s workshop (see below) in Loveland, Colorado, showing the near completion of the life-size sculpture of two silpis moving an impossibly heavy large stone with just two iron rods and some close coordination of effort. For those new to this project, Gurudeva wanted to create a bronze memorial to the temple builders of Iraivan. Otherwise, he explained, once the carving process is finished, visitors in the future will have no visual idea of the amazingly simple and effective traditional processes that created it. Thus was born the Temple Builder’s Memorial. For several years now the work has continued at the studio of the amazingly gifted and spiritually endowed Holly Young on the Big Island, where the wax is sculpted, and in workshops of skilled artisans in Colorado where the bronzes are forged.

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's Activities
At the beginning of April Satguru traveled to Portland, Oregon, with Shanmuganathaswami and Siddhanathaswami for a 4D software conference, satsangs and a presentation at the Balaji Temple. His talk was “Hinduism: A Multifaceted Religion.” After returning, Satguru conducted his eighth webinar on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras with sishyas and advanced students tuning in around the planet.

Publications and Other Activities
In April, the Ganapati Kulam, our publication monks, finished the editorial work on the July-August-September issue of Hinduism Today magazine. You can get the free app here: www.bit.ly/HT-APP. On April 15, when the sun entered the Aries constellation, we marked the beginning of the Hindu Year, Durmukha, 5118, with a morning homa, flag-raising and parade to Iraivan Temple. On April 18, a new Jersey calf was born. We named her Teta, which means innocent beauty. In addition to the many acres of mahogany trees that have been planted on Himalayan Acres, the monastery is continuing with its planting of the revered Acacia Koa tree, also known as Acacia kauaiensis. These are being grown as a living endowment for the future of the monastery. The 700 trees that were planted in December, 2014, just 16 months ago, now stand between 6 and 16 feet tall. Their growth has been phenomenal. When fully mature, they will reach a height of 50-80 feet. This month another 1,300 Koa seedlings arrived from the Hawaii Agricultural Research Center, were planted on Himalayan Acres and already show signs of vigor. These particular trees have been carefully bred to be resistant to a widespread root disease, known as Koa Wilt, that attacks Koa trees grown at lower elevations.
The Siddhidata Kulam, the group of monks who care for the monastery gardens, spent several days in April removing a 2,500-square-foot clump of a large, yellow bamboo. The site, being prepared for a new hydroponic nursery structure, is ideally situated near water and power lines. They also hosted a group of hula dancers from Maui who had just returned from a Tamil Nadu cultural exchange program organized by Roselle Bailey, a well-known hula teacher and friend of the monastery. They wanted to see Iraivan Temple, a little piece of India in Hawaii. They performed a sacred dance in the Hawaiian style, and offered traditional Hawaiian chants, called oli, honoring the temple.

recent1.jpg recent2.jpg
Left: Master metal artisan Bobby Page poses in his Colorado workshop with the next bronze sculpture; Raguram Murugesan visited the Iraivan worksite and enjoyed watching the silpis carving on the perimeter wall.

Bodhinatha's Newest Teachings Online
Satguru Bodhinatha is now turning his 15-minute Keynote presentations into movies which can be used for our personal benefit or shared at a satsang of friends. See them here. Thanks to a vibrant team of transcribers we can hear Bodhinatha's recent talks and read the transcriptions here. Read the transcriptions on line. Click here for all of Bodhinatha's talks.

Bodhinatha's weekly talks can be heard on our website:

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Recent Talks:

Jnana. Self Correcting Awareness - May 7, 2016
Mindfulness, Being in the Present - May 1, 2016
Happiness. Purify, remain within - April 24, 2016 Your Self-Concept; You Are a Divine Soul - April 15, 2016

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The Monastery Welcomes Our Newest Jersey Heifer, Teta

teta4.jpg Newest resident: (top to bottom) Teta on day one; at 12 days bounding about her pasture, easily able to outrun a human; grooming time; sharing a moment with Shanmuganathaswami, who is responsible for the cows

The newest member of our Jersey herd was born April 18, 7am, to Marvelous, who was brought to Kauai two years ago. With the nakshatra Uttarphalguni, the recommended syllable for her name is Te, and thus she was named Teta, “innocent beauty.” The birth was, as is normal for cows, uneventful—it was a matter of minutes from “We’re doing this” to “We’re done.” Out came a beautifully formed, fully functional calf, able within an hour to stand on her feet. She did appear a bit puzzled at first as to just where she was (photo right). But in a day she could run and shortly thereafter had a kick hard enough to, well, wish you hadn’t been kicked (don’t ever step behind a frisky calf).

Community Property or Joint Tenancy:
Why the Way You and Your Spouse Hold Property Matters

Prior to buying a home, talk to your real estate agent about the differences between joint tenancy and community property

In 1969 when Ajit and Inayat bought their California home, a year after they were married, their realtor suggested they hold it in joint tenancy. It turned out to be bad advice.

“It’s more convenient,” he explained. “When one of you dies, the survivor gets the decedent’s half of the home automatically and without probate.”

All the young couple remembered was “without probate.”

Ajit told Inayat that when his unmarried uncle died unexpectedly, the estate was tied up in probate court for a year. He would not want her to be subjected to that kind of delay and expense. Joint tenancy it would be.

Shortly after they celebrated their fortieth wedding anniversary, Ajit suddenly died. As planned, his widow received his half of the home without the delay or costs of probate.

With their children raised and the home too large for her to manage, Inayat put the house on the market for $900,000 and received an offer for the full amount within a week, this for a home they had bought decades earlier for under $50,000.

But with the sale came a shock: she had to pay federal and state capital gains taxes on $275,000 of the sale proceeds.

“Why?” she asked her realtor.

“Because you and Ajit held your home in joint tenancy rather than as community property,” he said.

“What difference does that make?” she asked, raising her voice.

“About $65,000 in taxes,” he retorted.

His answer was curt but his math correct. Holding their home in joint tenancy meant that when Ajit died, Inayat did not get a full “step-up in basis,” a technical term for a financial favor we do our heirs at death.

When an heir receives a full step-up in basis, the property he or she receives from us upon our death is viewed by the IRS as though they had bought it at its full fair market value. So if they sell it, they may have little or no capital gains to worry about. If Ajit and Inayat had held their home as community property, Inayat would have avoided being taxed on the $275,000, her realtor explained. “That’s not fair!” Inayat moaned. “I know, but it’s the law.” Though fictional, this tale is based on the many painful experiences of married couples living in community property states.

You may have no capital gains to worry about, even if you use joint tenancy. Why? Every home owner has a $250,000 exclusion from capital gains tax when they sell a personal residence, as long as they’ve lived there at least two years. Married couples can combine their exclusions for a total of $500,000. In certain markets, however, even that may not fully cover the gain.

So, if you’re married, should you rush out and change title to your home and other assets (rental property and investments held in joint tenancy have no $250,000 exclusion from capital gains tax) from joint tenancy to community property? Not without legal advice and a financial analysis of your situation.

For information on establishing a fund at Hindu Heritage Endowment, contact Shanmuganathaswami at 808-822-3012 ext. 6 or e-mail hhe@hindu.org.

Visit the HHE website at HHEonline.org.


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You Can Help Sponsor the Perimeter Wall

The second prakaram wall is 3.5 feet tall, two feet thick and 475 feet long. It comprises 45 short pillars (the section with the pot on top) and 44 panels (the long section between the pillars). Each pillar and panel pair require 544 man-days to carve, even with the massive granite slabs being sawn to size by machine. Each panel will be inscribed (inside the ornate border shown in the photo at right) with verses from scripture and the philosophy and history of the temple.


❏ One pillar section: $15,000

❏ One panel section: $30,000

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Donor Listing

Building Fund Donations

Thanks to Our April Temple Builders in 16 Countries

Six-Month Eight-Month Summary: For the eight months of September to April, our minimum monthly goal was $520,000. Excluding contributions directed toward special projects, we received actual contributions of $563,860.05. .

Building Fund Donations
Marie & R. Bhanugopan US$108.00
Das 79.00
Nagaratnam Jeyasreedharan 20.00
D. Karthigesu Family 100.00
Rama Krishnan 30.00
Vimala Muniandy 32.00
Gunavinthan Siva Thirumalai 100.00
Thanavinthan Siva T. Thirumalai 50.00
Essen Subramanian Valayten 2.82
Anonymous 49.94
Sri Dhevi Arasaratnam 101.00
Bill Brown 33.00
Ron & Jennifer Burke 50.00
Peter Christian 25.00
Jatin & Priya Kumar 28.00
Rathinappillai Logeswaran 50.00
Changam & Kamachi Naidu 50.00
Mr.& Mrs.Pranavan 25.00
Vijayarani & Thiru Satkunendran 25.00
Logan Senathirasa 108.00
Naguleswary & Manickam Senthivel 50.00
Thambimuttoo & Thavam Sivagnanam 51.00
Sayanthan & Anupama Sivanathan 11.00
Sara K. Sivasurier 175.00
Nagula & Sutha Suthaker 101.00
Anil Varre 101.00
Anonymous 108.00
Lakshmanan Nellaiappan 10.00
Maragatham Nellaiappan 10.00
Venugopala Reddy 50.00
Sheela Venkatakrishnan 11.00
Konstantin Usacovs 100.00
Cristina Ma Puja Canducci 20.00
Anonymous 60.00
Arulmani Devi Arumugam 148.40
Dhayalan Balakrishanan 125.05
Rathidevi & Veerasamy Batumallah 50.02
Arulmani Chandra Kumar & Sujith Arulmani 49.45
Theevhiyaa Chandrasekaram 25.02
Aravindraj Chandrasekaran 30.00
Sasikumar Darmalingam 12.51
Sai Janany, Chandran Ramamurthy & Kalpana Devasagayam 37.11
Omaya Devasagayam 12.37
Kavin Kirav, Anand Kumar Letchumana & Leena Lakshmi Devasagayam 37.11
Annapoorani Ganesan & Family 12.37
Yoga Rubini & Chandra Ganth Family 12.51
Sarasvathi Iswarapatham 12.37
R. Jayakumar & Yoga Bhavani Family 12.51
M. Shanmuganathan & A. Kamalambikai 25.02
Anbu Kandasamy 28.00
Murugesu Kandasamy 12.37
Arumugam Kavari 11.00
Nanda Kumar & Hema 12.37
Amaraysh, Kumutha & Jarry Lai 12.37
S. Malaiyarasan 50.00
Nameegri Marimuthu 24.72
Silvarajoo Muniandy 25.58
Jegathesan Murugaya 50.00
Mohanavilashiny Murugesu 24.74
Gowri Nadason 24.72
Rasiah Vallipuram & Pathumanithi Nagalingam 24.72
M. Suranthiran Naidu 32.15
Bangajam Narayanan 50.02
Nalakini Niranjana 12.37
Mogan Raju 69.00
Prabu Ramasamy 87.54
Supramaniam Ramoo & In Memory of Neelavathy Thangavelu 24.72
Jayaraj Kantharaj & Saranraj S-O Jayabalathilagam 14.85
Lachmi Savoo 12.37
Sharavanan Selvadurai 300.00
B. S. Selvakone 51.00
Parimala Selvaraj 30.00
Ambikabathi Shanmugam Pillay 25.02
Raja Singam Raja Ratnam & Shreema Rasiah 24.72
Roselia Simon - Kulamani Ganesha 82.00
Bala Sivaceyon 10.00
Nutanaya Sivaceyon 20.00
Hitesvar Sivanathan & & Rishitaa Sivanathan 12.37
Saraswathy & Ramesh Sivanathan 12.77
Mohana Sundari & Sivasekaran 24.72
A. Sockalingam & Chandrasekari 24.72
Devi & the late Selvadurai Subramaniam 12.37
Kuveeran Suppiah 16.25
Vasanta Tanggavelu 37.50
Remalah & A. Thinathayalan 12.37
A. Vickneswaram K. 25.02
Vikneswaran A. Vinsent 24.72
Yuvanes Waran 40.00
Darrshan Letchumanan & Yuvan Letchumanan 49.45
Soondiren Arnasalon 14.08
Prem Audit 2.82
Shree Saroja Devi Doorgiat 2.82
Amrit Singh Jaypal 7.04
Mooneenagen Koothan 5.63
Poospawadee Koothan 2.82
Amravadee Kownden 50.70
Veena Kunniah 84.95
Vel Mahalingum 11.27
Kulagan Moonesawmy 5.64
Seedha Lutchmee Moonesawmy 2.82
Goindamah Moothoosawmy 2.82
Mardaymootoo Mootoosamy 2.82
Parani Mootoosamy 1.41
Revathi Mootoosamy 1.41
Siven Barlen Mootoosamy 1.41
Vadivel Mootoosamy 2.82
Vimaley Chellen Mootoosamy 1.41
Karoumee Pareatumbee 7.04
Shivaramen Pareatumbee 7.04
Vailamah Pareatumbee 7.04
Naden Seeneevasen Pillay 1.41
Ashok Reetoo 2.82
Dayalen Renghen 4.23
Ezilveylen Renghen 8.45
Jagadissen Renghen 8.45
Madhevi Renghen 8.45
Siven Renghen 8.45
Varaden Renghen 8.45
Vega Renghen 4.23
Kannen Valaydon 28.17
Saroja Valayten 2.82
Toshadeva Valayten 1.41
Ulasa Valayten 1.41
Siven Veerasamy 8.45
Prekash & Sabita Baladien 15.00
Anil Ananda Badhwar 10.00
Dinanatha Borzunov 100.00
Fremont Lawrence & Toshadevi Nataraj 61.00
Anonymous 220.13
Vaiyapuri Kamala Devi 50.00
Vasaant Krishnan 120.00
Singapore Mission 128.00
Bijamati Pareatumbee 10.00
Sivakumar, Lavanya & Easan Saravan 400.00
Kavitha Darshini & Amitpal Singh 74.62
Anjeli Soopraya Patten 600.00
Gary & Radica Asha Yee-Fong 35.00
Anil Kumar 108.00
Anonymous 22.00
Umaabati Chandrasekaram 12.51
Vani Chenganna 40.00
Shree Vishna Rasiah & Sharmila Harry 24.72
Susan James 30.00
Clive & Puvaneswary Roberts 175.00
Vatshalan Santhirapala 108.00
Sankara Skandanatha 36.00
Anonymous 3,072.84
Golden Gate Mission 99.50
Wailua Mission 8,309.45
Punam Agrawal 500.00
Rajadeva Alahan 51.00
Vel & Valli Alahan 25.00
Gowri Arulanantham 201.00
Harjot Singh Attri 25.00
Dharam & Madhu Bahl 54.00
Bryan Bailey 15.00
Suresh Balaji 24.72
Ambikaipakan Balasubramaniam 30.00
Arvind Bhakta 51.00
Radhakrishnamurthy Bhandaru 101.00
In Memory of Late Mr. Kanaiyalal P. Bhavsar 404.00
Marlene Carter 108.00
Asha Chaku 101.00
Shankar Chandrasekaran 1,001.00
Uma & Kumar Chandrasekaran 251.00
Rameshkumar Chellappan 51.00
Charles Close 108.00
Kaika & Nilufer Clubwala 101.00
Brian P. Cooke 51.00
Cade Crowson 10.08
Shyamadeva & Peshanidevi Dandapani 51.00
Janakbhai R. Dave 51.00
Ed DeDeo 25.05
Mahendrabhai Desai 101.00
Paul DeSantis 108.00
Banu Devi & Chellappa Deva 25.00
Amarnath & Latha Devarmanai 101.00
Venkat Devraj 108.00
Anjali Monga Dhar 1,008.00
Vijay Dhar 1,008.00
Janice Fulton 20.00
Suketu & Mita Gandhi 51.00
Panshula Ganeshan 14.00
Rajendra Giri 26.00
Hiranya & Sarasvathi Devi Gowda 515.00
Toshadeva & Kamala Guhan 36.00
Rajesh & Kalaivani Gunnalan 1,008.00
Kriya & Sharyn Haran 120.00
James L. Haynes 100.00
Shakti Shanti Hee 101.00
Usharani Iswaran Magaña 100.00
David Jaffe 108.00
Sreenivasulu & Udayarka Jaladanki 101.00
Chellam Jeevanandam 251.00
Vineeta Jetley 20.00
S. Jeyendran 101.00
Haran Kandadas 108.00
Latha Kannan 51.00
Satheesh Karra 100.00
Srinivas & Shanthi Karri 40.00
Saravanan Kasthuri 575.00
Sundari Katir 20.00
Rajiv Kaushal 25.00
Kavya Kaza 11.00
Michael Kempinski 216.00
Anil & Devajyothi Kondapi 51.00
Andrzej Kraja 101.00
Ganesh & Jaishree Krishnamoorthy 101.00
Anita Krishnamurthy 100.00
K.S. Krishnamurthy 100.00
Rajagopal Krishnan 216.00
Gregg Lien 100.00
Gerard & Zhena Linsmeier 54.00
Abha Lokhande 43.00
R. & K. Mahadevan 101.00
Kishin & Varsha Mahbubani 151.00
Laura Devi Marks 108.00
Tapas & Uttara Mazumdar 50.00
Sunethra Mhapsekar 5.00
Palani & Selvarany Nadarajah 15.00
Nitya & Becky Nadesan 141.00
Manish M. Naidu 11.11
Rama Chandran & Rema Nair 1,001.00
Prasad & Sucheta Nallamothu 101.00
Rani Natarajan 126.00
Sanjaya K. Nath 11.00
Nagar S. Nayak 25.00
Emma & Narendra Nemivant 25.00
Gurudas Pai 101.00
Satya & Savitri Palani 21.00
Cassan Pancham 504.00
Pankayatselvan Family 25.00
Easvan & Devi Param 202.00
Janaka & Bhavani Param 25.00
Allie, Shivani, Shruti & Shreya Patel 100.00
Ashit & Sonel Patel 251.00
Gaurang Patel 251.00
Himanshu & Hiteshri Patel 108.00
Jayshree Dinesh Patel 101.00
Mukesh R. Patel 251.00
Mukund & Jyotika Patel 201.00
Prakash Patel 51.00
Prasan Patel 25.00
Vinay & Hansa R. Patel 101.00
Seetharamarao & Rukmini Poruri 501.00
Richard Henry Pratt 100.00
Penny Prior 20.00
Raman & Uma Purighalla 2,000.00
Parthasarathy Rajagopalan 50.00
Deva & Gayatri Rajan 1,001.00
Shanmuganathan Raju 101.00
Mohan Deepak Ram 238.00
Jeyashree & Venkat Ramakrishnan 50.00
Kasi & Vidya Ramanathan 101.00
Tristan Ramirez 50.00
Chandar Ramrakha 151.00
Partab & Chandra Ramsinghani 27.00
Beatrice Rice 100.00
Ashok & Dorothy Roychoudhury 101.00
Annie & Mark Ruiz 108.00
Cliff & Kathy Runge 50.00
Chamundi Sabanathan 141.00
Aran Sambandar 54.00
Vikram Santurkar 51.00
Darmaguhan & Shivali Satgunasingam 100.00
Silver Vel Satsang 45.00
Aran & Valli Sendan 25.00
Deva & Amala Seyon 102.00
Gouri Shanker 11.00
Sivakami Shanmugasundaram Family 111.00
Chander Sharma 101.00
Madan Sharma 101.00
Salil Shibad 21.00
Shanhari Sivagnanasundaram 100.00
Dharshi & Sivasothy Sivakumar 300.00
Tejasinha Sivalingam 15.00
Jnana Sivananda 100.00
Nathan & Sulena Sivananda 50.00
Tandu & Uma Sivanathan 200.00
S. Sivathasan 100.00
James Skelton 100.00
Srikanth Sridharan 50.00
Adi Srikantha 54.00
Shanthi Srinivas 40.00
Kiran Srinivasan 20.00
Sridhar Srinivasan 250.00
Nandi Deva Sundaram 50.00
Savithri Sundaresan 51.00
Anthan @ Sayini Sunder 25.00
Richard Suraci 5.00
Asan Tejwani 30.00
Atul Thakkar 500.00
Nirupa & Nagamany Thayalachandan 108.00
Sivam U. Thillaikanthan 40.00
Luisa Vaca 50.00
Rama Vangala 42.00
Vayudeva Varadan 51.00
Mahesh Viswanathan 50.00
Michael Wasylkiw 108.00
David Wiekrykas 1,250.00
David & Shelah Young 51.00
Michael Zimmermann 11.00
Total Building Fund $42,286.93
Iraivan Temple Endowment
Anonymous 437.50
Frank Burkhardt 10.00
Rama Pemmaraju Rao 108.00
Total Endowment Funds $555.50
Special Project Donations
Valli Ananda 170.00
Anil Ananda Badhwar 619.83
Valliammah Kandasamy 24.72
Gowri Nadason 123.64
Total Special Project Donations $938.19

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Iraivan Temple is a punya tirtha, a sacred destination for devout pilgrims. The vision of Lord Siva on San Marga that Gurudeva was blessed with in 1975 is sustained and made manifest by the daily sadhanas of 21 resident monastics from five nations. Kadavul Hindu Temple and the many sacred areas of San Marga are available to Hindus for worship, meditation, japa and quiet reflection. It is best, if you are planning to come to visit us, to email us in advance to make sure the days of your visit coincide with our open times. And, if you want to have darshan with Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, to check if he is in residence and to make the necessary appointment. Please see our visitor information pages for more details.

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