World-Class Publishing

Hidden amongst the monasterys luxuriant greenery there dwells another world, a high-tech workshop that crafts the books, courses, videos, communications and websites. Its all scrunched into an unpretentious building beneath a sprawling mango tree, fifty yards from Kadavul Temple. The monks here are engaged in state-of-the-art computerized publishing, conducted under the banner of Himalayan Academy,founded by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami in 1965.

Visitors are charmed to see the monks dressed in hand-spun cotton robes, each sitting at his Macintosh with widescreen Cinema Display, writing, editing, designing. They also direct by e-mail a skilled international cadre of journalists, artists and photographers who help create the renowned magazine known as Hinduism Today. Publishing the quarterly journal is a joyful, inspired worka labor of love appreciated by 100,000 readers around the globe. It is as much a forum of spiritual sustenance as a source of newsas much a lifeline of dharma as a family album proudly chronicling 21st century expressions of the worlds oldest faith. Since 1979, Hinduism Today has provided a candid, sympathetic look into the Hindu way of life, at the same time articulating Hindu culture and philosophy in modern English. The magazine has been instrumental in dispelling myths and misinformation about Hinduism, while providing news about all sects and lineages to strengthen Hindu solidarity worldwide. Known for its aesthetic, full-color graphics and you-wont-find-this-anywhere-else features, Hinduism Today is also available as a free digital edition, replete with audio and video features that bring it all to life, including Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami reading his Publisher's Desk column. The monks also broadcast a daily news feed called Hindu Press International, distributing a constant stream of timely, short stories about Hinduism that appear in the world press, supplementing the in-depth magazine articles. Many orders of Hindu monks run schools, hospitals or orphanages. Gurudeva ordained that his Saiva Siddhanta Yoga Order would support our faith through Hinduism Today, as a public service, not to tell our own story, but to cover the people, events, philosophy and traditions of the broader Hindu world. More about our publications...

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