Our Global Congregation

Though remote, Kauai's Hindu Monastery is a spiritual lighthouse for tens of thousands of people around the world, seekers of varying commitments and interests, Hindus of all denominations, members of other faiths and those of no formal faith at all. Uncounted numbers find solace and guidance in Gurudeva's teachings, in print and through our website. Hindu families make regular annual visits that start out as vacation pilgrimages and soon become pilgrimage vacations. Even casual guests who have visited just once hold the monastery in their heart for the rest of their life, harkening back to its placid and untroubled energies when things get rocky back home. During Bodhinatha's frequent travels, devotees at temples across North America, Australia, Mauritius and Southeast Asia come for his darshan, forming an initial tie with this ancient guru lineage.

While most find it sufficient to read and visit, the most committed in our fellowship seek a deeper experience of the spiritual path, leading to formal vows and traditional initiations. These ardent seekers embark on a daily study of The Master Course, including meditation and other sadhanas to mold their life and consciousness. When qualified, they become initiated devotees of Bodhinatha and members of his Saiva Siddhanta Church. It is this core group, made strong by their daily disciplines, that sustains the presence of the Church around the world. Church members tithe to support the monastery and its good works, and give generously of their time. Their shared strengths, bolstered by regular religious gatherings with other members, uplift families and keep them firmly on the path. Such groups are most numerous in the US, Malaysia and Mauritius. We have a small group of committed members on the island of Kauai who live near the monastery and spend their spare hours helping with monastery activities, such as hosting visitors and arranging festivals. Read more about Saiva Siddhanta Church.