How Can I Help?

There are many ways you can help Bodhinatha's work

Many have asked how they can support the monks. If you have a clear idea of what you want to support then you can click here to go directly to our secure donation form now and choose to feed the monks, help with our garden or enter your intention for your gift if you have something specific in mind. If you want more detail on various options, then read below.

If you want to give a donation directly to Bodhinatha for him to use at his discretion or donate to the temple, see below. You gift will encourage the many projects Gurudeva has set in motion and which Bodhinatha is carrying forward. Or to simply do something for the monks in appreciation of their work. This page is a response to all the good souls who wish to help. We know each of you is inspired by different things, so we will work to keep a broad spectrum of the needs (or wants) on this page, from high-tech stuff to warm socks for the monks, from small items to serious improvements that we could not otherwise afford to implement. Please feel free to sponsor part of a project, even if you feel you cannot sponsor the whole thing. Every dollar counts!

If you are interested in sponsoring a project or need that is not listed below, please send an e-mail to

Help Build the Iraivan Temple

Iraivan Temple

Summary:This is our most important project: fulfillment of Gurudeva's grand vision of the Iraivan temple being built on the island of Kauai. Made entirely by hand, not using a single machine, from stone in India and shipped to Hawaii. This will be an historic gift to the future generations of Hindus around the world. Don't miss the opportunity to participate today! Click to help build one the most remarkable temples in the world.

Contribute to the "Thank You Bodhinatha" Fund

Gurudeva with Bodhinatha

Summary: If you have been inspired by Bodhinatha's life work, grateful for his influence in your life, appreciative of the gifts that he has given us all, you may honor your sentiment with a donation to the Thank You Bodhinatha Fund. This fund is used for promoting Bodhinatha's teachings around the world and the travel of Bodhinatha to spread the great truths of Hindu dharma. The fund is maintained as a permanent trust within the Hindu Heritage Endowment so your donation will grow and build through the years. Click to go to the HHE secure donation page.

Feed the Monks

Summary: We are often asked by devotees if they can feed the monks. The answer is yes. This is an ancient and traditional form of giving known in Sanskrit as anna dana, feeding the sadhus. It is common for devotees to choose a day to honor a family member or celebrate some sacred or important event in their life.

The challenge is that we are in the middle of the Pacific, and you may be living in London, Chennai or Brazil.

The preferred way that devotees accomplish this is to make a cash donation to the monastery, specifying that it is to provide a meal for the monks. We usually do such special meals on festival days or when something special is happening in the monastery. The monks gather for their shared lunch in the Peacock Court to enjoy a change of diet for one day. An additional boon: those who generally cook have a day off.

Cost: Such a meal on this all-too-expensive island costs on average $20.00 per person. A donation of $440.00 will feed all the monks at Kauai's Hindu Monastery (currently 22). When making arrangements with the monastery, it is helpful to say, "Please use this donation to sponsor a meal for all the monks." You can make your secure donation online. Click here to go to our secure donation form.

Help Us Acquire Sacred Plants

Summary: The monastery is collecting the sacred, legendary, fragrant and medicinal plants of India and Sri Lanka, and creating a magical botanical garden on Kauai. These are of course part of creating a divine and awesome tropical garden, Siva's Garden, for pilgrims to enjoy. Additionally, this plant collection is part of a long-term plan to create a Hawaiian repository of these natural gifts, a place where they are nurtured, propagated and made available to others.

Cost: US$125 or more. You can make your secure donation online. Click here to go to a secure donation form.

20" Powermatic Thickness Planer

Summary: Hawaii jungle growth is relentless. Small trees become giants that may need to be removed. Much of the lumber used for building and renovation in the monastery, which would otherwise cost us tens of thousands of dollars, and be shipped in from off-island, is sourced from these local logs. Instead of being discarded, local arborists and home owners give them to the monks who turn them into beautiful, serviceable boards. To utilize this resource requires major tools.

Thickness Planer

We would like to acquire a second planer for the woodshop, to allow us to plane boards wider than our current 15" capacity, such as for table tops, wide panels, door panels, shelves, etc. This plane nicely matches the capacity of our sawmill, where we regularly mill out 20" wide planks from local logs. Click for details on Amazon

Cost: $4,700.00, includes shipping from our freight forwarder in California. You can make your secure donation online. Click here to go to a secure donation form. (Make a note that your donation is for the planer.)